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Want to learn how to monetize with a small audience?

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Hey! It's Dre

Helping Creators Design Pathways to Profitability so they Can Go Full Time Online



Social Media Expert - Public Speaker - Course Creator - Prince Fanatic

What Do I Do?

I create high converting social media strategies for small businesses

and personal brands

to help turn passions into profits!


You're trying to do everything right on IG but nothing seems to click?

You're watching other accounts grow but yours isn't budging?

You're SO frustrated

spending time commenting

only to get

nothing in return?

You think the algorithm

is against you and makes it 

so hard to get visible?

Posting stresses you out

so you feel frozen - 

it's just too complicated!

You know you're 

spaghetti slinging

with your content and 

aren't seeing results?

Is This You Right Now?


The Elevated Instagram™

is a 6-week, self-paced course designed to show

you how to create and grow 

your Instagram brand, 

whether business or personal.

This course is full of simple 

step-by-step strategies 

that will help you build an elevated Instagram

above the noise.


UGC University is the ONLY comprehensive program on the market designed to help you become a paid UGC creator in only a few weeks.

During these 6 modules filled with educational lessons you'll learn about branding, pricing, pitching and positioning.

All temlates provided


Why not save yourself the time and anguish of trying to figure this out all alone, and let me teach you step-by-step to master your message, grow and nurture an engaged audience and turn your impact to income!


Join my Facebook community,
Ignite Your Instagram

Client Testimonials

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I absolutely loved this course! I got exactly what I wanted from it and even more. Dre is super attentive and so responsive in the Facebook group so anytime I had a question I felt really supported that I could post there and she would respond so quickly. I also really loved the office hours. The content was broken down into really digestible portions, each module led into the other but she allowed the time to implement. I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to grow your engagement and build your following.

- Erica

Private Coaching

  • Gain clarity on your strengths, audience and market position so you can create an irresistible offer

  • Create a sophisticated plan for 4-6 months that you can work easily

  • Craft a marketing strategy that gets you clients

  • Develop and implement systems and processes that help your business scale

  • Find blindspots in your process and resolving them proactively

  • A 90-Minute Recorded Zoom Meeting to cover the top line issues or concerns you're having with Instagram

  • 7 Days of Voxer from 9-5pm to make sure you're able to work through the objectives with support and guidance

  • Supplemental worksheets (when applicable)

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