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Hey, I'm Dre

Social Media Consultant, Blogger and Motivational Speaker

Dre is a former small-town Montana girl with a special place in her heart for Prince, live music and hot chocolate.

TimeOfDre Media started with a challenge to create her own weird corner of the internet but EXPLODED with a daily inbox full of "can you help me" messages. This reminded Dre that she was armed with Ivy League social media knowledge that just HAS to be shared.

After many years of helping Fortune 500 companies improve their social experience and brand awareness online, Dre was inspired to focus on building brands for small businesses and public figures.

Why? Because Dre knows what it's like to see other people growing and chasing their dreams online but not having the slightest idea where to begin. It can feel so frustrating. Her dedication to creating freedom for others has been the main driver behind her success.

Now her days are filled with speaking on stage, teaching dozens of students each month and consulting with small businesses about their social marketing strategies.


Today you can find her enjoying life with my her husband - hot chocolate in hand.

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