My Designer Dupes - The Details

Whether you use Honey, Swagbucks, or any other creative solution, you can get your hands on great items like the ones listed below. Check out these items that I have purchased, and my thoughts about their ability to "pass" as an authentic item.

1. Gucci Belt

I purchased this little beauty for $15 off of Amazon and was blown away by how real it looked for such an affordable price. After one year of wear, I can report that the belt is made of real leather and shows no sign of chipping or tarnishing. I am a size 26 in jeans and found the pre-existing holes to be sufficient. Overall, I would give this belt a 9/10 on the dupe scale.

2. Gnocchi Gucci Shirt

Okay, okay so this isn't really a dupe but when I first saw it, I knew I had to have it...especially for $15! I got this in a size small and was really impressed with the quality of the image. It wasn't a thick, cracked laminate but rather a nicely laid applique. This gets a 10/10 on the fun scale.

3. Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet

In the hunt for a bracelet with a lot of color, I knew that the Hermes Clic Clac bracelet was one of my top choices. But, at nearly $500, I wasn't going to bother. After purchasing (and waiting) for this bracelet to arrive, I was pleased with the final result. While the gold doesn't look as "luxe" or heavy as the real thing, it is passable. I give this a 6/10 on the dupe scale.

4. Black Gucci Sunglasses

This was my most recent purchase off of iOffer and probably one of my most favorite dupes to date! These are not nearly as heavy as the originals and do not come with the boxes as pictured, I was pleased with the style and the markings of these sunglasses and at $5 I couldn't be upset with the wait time. I give these an 8.5/10.

5. Quay Sunglasses

I really can't say enough about the quality of these! While many "dupe" sunglasses can be cheap and lightweight, these were anything but. They were heavy, professionally packaged and looked amazing on. The only downside? They don't have the brand printed on the lens so if that is important to you, keep that in mind. All things considered, I give these a 7/10.

6. Designer Purses

As a bonus, I have included a link to iOffer where I frequently buy handbags and accessories that are fake. I caution you though, the quality on this site ranges wildly and I highly recommend you read all of the reviews. I have received some that are exact leather copies, while others look nothing like the picture. At $25 ish a bag, that risk is worth it to me and I have no problem with the 40 day wait time. Pro tip: If you try to search brands on this site, you might not have much luck. Terms like "Chanel" and "Louis Vuitton" won't do the trick, try "LV" or "quilted bag" instead to find what you want.




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