How to Not Give a F*$K

Okay, okay back the truck up. This isn't going to be one of those unreasonable, entitled blog posts...this about YOU, you stepping out from under the opinions of others and stepping IN to who you truly want to be.


I've been there friend, strangled by talk tracks that we have all heard:

Don't stand out too much, be ladylike, get married by 30, work a 9-to-5, you're successful when you're rich.

And you know what? They killed me. They killed my creativity, my confidence to fly and made me feel inadequate.


  1. I learned to say 'no' like a total BA in order to create a life I was proud of. "Dre, are you going to do this? Be like this? Get this or that? Do these things?" The answer is always, "NO."

  2. Direct your F$$KS towards something worth caring about. Let me tell you boo, if you spend time worrying about all of this trivial garbage other people are going to be feeding you, you aren't going to have the time to see, explore and learn all of the wonderful things you DEFINITELY want to care about. Imagine if for every worry of judgement you had, you transferred that energy into something you cared about and loved? I think you'd be much happier and more fulfilled!

  3. Realize that the high of approval is fleeting and right behind it, is another judgment waiting because gaining a life full of approval is unattainable. Cool, you got married...but now what about the kids? Or you got that degree? Well, when are you getting a job? Gaining approval from others is so short-lived, but acceptance with yourself lasts forever.

  4. Create a life you're proud of full of passions, hobbies and your truth. When you are able to hold your head high in the face of criticism, it shuts people down pretty quickly. It's hard to poke holes in sincere happiness.

I hope that on your journey to stepping into your own, you find the joy in saying "no" and manifesting a life you're proud of. I'll see you on the way there, okay?




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