New Year, New Me? My Vanquish, EmTone and EmSculpt Experience! Pt. 1

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, please consult a doctor for all advice and guidance around medical procedures.

I think back to two years ago, a time when I was thrilled with my figure due to exercise, healthy eating and of course, no food blog to speak of. When I looked in the mirror I was really happy with what I saw, and took great note of how that felt when I could smile instead of look away.

But then something changed.

I started a food blog, created a business, got married and my normal life as I knew it started to change and became a world where I didn't put my self first. For the first time, in a long time, I noticed avoiding the mirror more and more.

When I first heard of Dr. Leeman here in Austin, it was actually from a friend that knows the office and does business with them. He was telling me about some of the newest technology in fat burning and toning and just like many, I was entranced by the idea of improving my body without spending months and months in the gym.

So I set up a consultation and eagerly awaited my appointment.

On the day of my consultation, I was greeted by Tori, the lead esthetician, followed by Dr. Leeman. I was immediately struck by how kind and friendly they were. The "bedside manner" if you will, was truly fantastic and I felt comfortable asking my questions.

After discussing my areas of issue: saddle bags, a dent on the side of my leg and what I lovingly call a "banana roll" under my butt, he made the following non-invasive treatment plan for me:

I would come in four times and get:

Vanquish: A fat burning treatment that uses radio-frequency to heat and kill the fat cells.

EmSculpt: This is a non-invasive body contouring device that uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to target specific muscle groups. Basically, it makes your muscles contract without doing the exercise but also burns fat too!

EmTone: It is non-invasive and developed to decrease the appearance of cellulite while tightening and smoothing the skin.

In pt.2 of this journey, I will share all about my results and final thoughts, but today I wanted to give you more information on the process and the treatments!


The machine has two adjustable arms that are placed on either side of the area you're trying to treat whether that is flanks, belly or legs like I'm doing here. I'll be honest, there isn't much to say about this one! I felt no pain and liken the experience to sitting next to a space heater and enjoying the warmth. I was on my phone the 30 ish minutes of the treatment and thought nothing of it!


The EmSculpt treatment for me was incredibly fascinating! Two paddles are placed on your desired area (basically anywhere you have a muscle group) and it is turned on to create contractions in your muscle. The cool thing about this is that it activates 100% of the muscle whereas doing a squat might only use 30-40%! Throughout the treatment, the EmSculpt moved through various pulsing and tapping cycles to really get my glutes contracting. This was actually approved by the FDA as a non-surgical butt lift which is exciting for a gal like me.

Many of you asked if it hurt and the answer is: NO! You should not be in pain! However, does it feel a little weird, buzzy and somewhat foreign? Yes. Nothing you should fear. The next question you had was if I was sore the next day. The answer is 3/10 on the sore scale.


This treatment is mostly for cellulite though it can also lift and firm skin like sagging above the kneecaps etc. It does this by drastically improving collagen and elastin stimulation in the area so it becomes rejuvenated. This feels like a hot stone massage running over each leg for about 15-20 minutes and is administered by a tech that is in the room, all other treatments I was alone! Tori and I had a nice conversation and though she obviously had a view of my rear, I felt completely comfortable with her.

Your Questions:

So you might be asking yourself, "how long did this take?" And in short, you do have to have some patience...I am there roughly 2-2.5 hours each time.

Lastly, I'm sure you are eager to see my results - well, that makes two of us! However, these results are not the kind that you walk in and walk out looking like a supermodel! The results from each treatment take a few weeks to settle in with a month being the ideal timeline for a reveal. So, just like you, I am waiting patiently to give you my final thoughts and recommendations about the procedures.

If you are looking to learn more, on December 12th the office is having an event where you can ask all of your questions, hear from technicians and do so with a beverage in hand. Find out more here!

*This post is in collaboration, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have not been compensated for this post.




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