My Vanquish, EmTone, and EmSculpt Experience! Pt. 2

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, please consult a doctor for all advice and guidance around medical procedures.

In October of 2019, I decided to start making some changes in my life in order to feel more confident and sexy in my own skin. That quest led me to Dr. Leeman and his team in Austin in order to figure out a few procedures that would work to help me get my desired result:

Smoother thighs and improved cellulite.

I wasn't actually seeking to lose weight, be slimmer, or suddenly have a rock-hard physique, I simply wanted to look more toned from the outside.

After discussing my areas of issue with Dr. Leeman, he made the following non-invasive treatment plan for me:

I receive four treatments of the following:

Vanquish: A fat-burning treatment that uses radio-frequency to heat and kill the fat cells.

EmSculpt: This is a non-invasive body contouring device that uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to target specific muscle groups. Basically, it makes your muscles contract without doing the exercise but also burns fat too!

EmTone: It is non-invasive and developed to decrease the appearance of cellulite while tightening and smoothing the skin.

The way this treatment journey worked, is that I would come in for about 2 hours and get Vanquish, Emtone, and EmSculpt each time I went to the office. If you want to read more about each procedure, review Part 1 HERE.

If felt like a hot stone massage!

So, you might be asking yourself, what did the three different treatments feel like, REALLY? Well, let's break it down!


To be completely honest with you, this treatment felt similar to a little bit of heat radiating into the treatment area and I didn't find it bothersome at all! This treatment was as easy as laying back with my phone and letting the machine eviscerate my fat effortlessly!


EmSculpt is a treatment designed to contract the muscles involuntarily without you needing to go through the stress and strain of going to the gym. The paddles on my glutes moved through various pulsing and tapping cycles to really get my muscles contracting. This was actually approved by the FDA as a non-surgical butt lift which is exciting for a gal like me.

The sensation was one that I would describe as "odd" but it did NOT put me in any sort of pain or discomfort throughout the cycles. Imagine if you clenched and released your glutes as hard as you possibly could, that's what this technology mimicked for about 20-30 minutes.

Since my glutes are a large, more dense muscle, I easily adapted to the sensations. I would be curious to know how it felt on something like your abdomen or calves!


The way I like to describe this treatment is that it feels like a hot stone massage running over each leg for about 15-20 minutes and is administered by a tech that is in the room. I found EmTone to be the most comforting and relaxing of them all because I was getting these treatments when it was cold outside and I truly felt like I was at the spa!

Stay tuned for part 3 - the final results!

*This post is in collaboration, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have not been compensated for this post.

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