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Holiday Gifts That Don't Suck

Holiday gifts? They can be stressful! Thankfully I've got you covered with a list of non-ordinary gifts that aren't a major snooze.

Customized Necklace

Imagine your friend's face when they open up a necklace that has been customized JUST for them? Better yet, it won't be cheap and tarnish right away!

Give them a gift they'll hold onto for years!

Buy HERE $20

Smart Warming Coaster

With work from home becoming more and more prevalent, so is drinking cold coffee in between meetings. Not anymore! With the Kupful smart coaster, it uses two temperature settings to keep your drink toasty all day long!

The perfect gift for anyone, seriously.

Buy HERE $29

Digital Watercolor Painting of Your Home

Looking to give a tear-jerker that didn't break the bank? This digital watercolor hits everyone in the feels every.single.time. It never fails. You can customize the message and the size to fit any of your needs.

Perfect for newlyweds and first-time homebuyers that are looking for nostalgia! I have used this seller many times and it's always a hit!

Buy HERE $30

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Keep things spicy this holiday season with a gift that is sure to make everyone a good way. This is such a fun project for the family to do together and the hot sauce that it makes is actually really good!

This is great for the spicy fan in your life!

Buy HERE $55

Wooden Slice Family Tree

If there is one thing I know it's that people LOVE personalized gifts. And something about the whole family - SWOON!

I bought this for my parents one year and I swear they were so excited for something unique! There were many custom options to create a keepsake that will work for your home.

Buy HERE $55

Makeup Eraser

This is the PERFECT stocking stuffer or white elephant gift because any gal in your life can use it and they'll get a LOT of mileage out of it. It's soft, easy to wash and a fun surprise anyone is happy to get.

This handy "cloth" takes off makeup even better than wipes without compromising the environment. It truly works just like magic!

Buy HERE $20

Felt Letter Board

There are so many good uses for a letter board from blogging photos, to IG stories. Heck, it even just makes good home decor with a positive message.

This board comes in a TON of colors so it works in any home!

Buy HERE $20

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