Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

We all want it, you know...people that actually CARE about our content, that actually WANT to respond to you and are excited each time you post. However, most of us fail to take the steps it takes to build massive real engagement on Instagram. Here are some of my tried and true tips to get you from crickets to comments.

1) Use CTA's in your captions asking for feedback on your post/content so you can easily navigate the desires of your audience. 2) Using your stories to poll your audience like do you want to see x or y today? Do you prefer this or that? Especially if your content hasn't been hitting a wall, this will cut through the clutter. 3) Do takeover swaps with accounts that have an audience you NEED to get in front of. This is effective when you have similar, but adjacent followerships that could benefit from your info. Approach someone with a similar size and build that relationship! 4) Sign up for one of my NEW "oh crap" SOS 90-min Intensive calls designed to get you out of your rut, to overcome your block and uplevel like a BOSS. 5) Strategically create content: Before you shoot your next batch of photos, understand what is popular or successful in your niche. Go to a few hashtags you use regularly and study the top 10 posts. What do they have in common, what feel do they have? Then go out and create your own spin on it. 6) Utilize Pixaloop to game the system if you want to turn your pictures into what IG views as a video. You can add an element like a sparkle to a photo which then makes it a video!

7) Create save and share-worthy captions. When people save and share your content, IG boosts you to the moon! Create helpful, worthwhile content and watch the saves roll in!

8) Understand your audience! In my new group program, Impact to Income, I teach 3 ways to conduct market research on your audience every day without being overt so you can create better content for your viewers. Deeply understanding what fires them up and gets them commenting is paramount! 9) Be smart with your location tag. Do you know a BIG event is going on nearby and you want mega exposure? Select that as your location! UT football game going on? Great! Your location is now DKR stadium!

What did you think of these Instagram Engagement Hacks? Which one was your favorite?

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