My Microblading Experience

Doing a true "about face"!

I have always been fascinated by makeup and beauty - trying new products, attempting different styles and exploring fun techniques but there was one thing I could never master: MY BROWS. When microblading became more popular, I looked into it but it seemed intimidating, risky and just a little too far out of $3 pencil could do the trick...right?

So for many arduous months, I continued to draw in my brows only for them to end up wiping off during the day, sweating out in the summer and overall looking like a mess when I didn't take enough care to keep them even. Then I found The Official Brow Studio on Instagram and everything changed, I finally felt compelled to reach out.

The Consultation

Mashari with The Brow Studio first consulted me on what type of eyebrows I liked, what my goals were and how bold or natural I wanted to go. I was a little unsure of what "brow goals" meant to me, but I said I wanted brows that looked like I just went and got them done at Sephora. She recommended we do some shading along with a more structured brow to which I agreed.

The Mapping

In order to give you banging brows, it is important that the technician know EXACTLY how to craft the perfect size and shape for your individual face. With the use of a measuring tape, string and a wax pencil, my brows were marked and drawn into the shape she recommended for me.

It is at this point in time that you get to give the most feedback about the shape, thickness and length so that she can make changes. Mashari encouraged me to be honest so that we could avoid and negative results and I asked her to make them a little less rounded, and a little more "checked". She was more than happy to adjust and change the shape to my liking.

The Numbing

The number one question that I have been asked by people is: "Does it hurt" and the answer is no! Mashari had coated me with a generous amount of numbing cream prior to the microblading procedure but also told me that she adds a bit as she is working so that it doesn't wear off before the brow was done. While some people don't do the blading with numbing cream, I was grateful she had this option!

The Procedure

Before she began, she let me know of one thing I should be aware of: that while I can't FEEL anything, I might be able to HEAR a scraping or crackling noise as she made the strokes. I was happy I had a heads up because she was right! As she began to craft my brows, I could feel nothing but heard, what sounded like bubble or crinkle paper as the blade went. It wasn't bothersome, just a little odd.

While Mashari let me know that one brow could need up to 3 passes to fill in missed spots, I was so shocked with how quickly the first pass went! Within 3-5 minutes the first round was done and she was numbing me up and on to the other brow. The whole thing was quick and extremely easy and we chatted like old friends as she worked.

I had opted for a little shading which requires the use of a cosmetic specific tattoo gun but as someone with tattoos, this was no bother to me. She did some ombre shading throughout the brow to blend it seamlessly with her hair strokes and that took another 3-5 minutes.

Finally, she spread the ink over the brow and covered it with cellophane. This was the only time I felt a little sting from the ink in the marks she had made. A 3 of 10 at best.

Aftercare and Healing

Right after you're done, your brows are going to look pretty bold and darker than you pictured which can scare some customers. However, she had mentioned this several times and I was prepared to first look in the mirror and understand that the brow will fade 20-30% during the healing process.

When I looked in the mirror, I was so amazed with the tiny hair-like strokes and wonderful shading she had done to my brow. It was like I had the best brows of my life! Where they were sad, tiny and light on my own, they were now structured, in charge and full.

It was perfect!

Her aftercare tips were simple and she gave me a little kit to go along with her suggestions - thankfully! So for the next 7-10 days I will be keeping them dry, avoiding rubbing or picking at them and overall making sure I treat them like they are healing.

Here is my result less than 24 hours after the appointment!

My finished brows!




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