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High Touch 1x1 Business Coaching

Are you ready to dive in and go deep with your IG in 2023?

Does this sound like you? 

Then you're exactly where you need to be... keep reading to learn how I support your digital dreams through business coaching!

Social media expert and business coach

Many think having an online business is hard, but honestly, it's simple...

...when you have a strategy that helps you move the needle in your business each month..

How would it feel to...

Have a daily strategy to follow

That allowed you to create replicable, consistent success within your business

Watch your biz and bank account grow

In ways you've never experienced before because now? You have a plan that's working for you

Expand your capacity

To serve more clients, to gain more contracts than ever before without being overwhelmed

To have a visibility strategy

That had you getting noticed on other platforms, more than ever before

To perfect your offer suite

So you can help people at every stage of the journey to meet their needs

Creating a different future for yourself

One that didn't seem possible

How would that change the game for you?


“I came into 1:1 Business/ Social Coaching with Dre thinking that I wanted to focus on one area of business to grow.  As we worked through how to best serve my clients and grow my business through social media marketing and strategies, we uncovered and gained clarity on a completely different passion that would allow me to build and grow new business. I still continue to work in my original business with clients but have since built a second successful business, that now has a waiting list, with services that provide a large additional stream of income and have the potential to build residual income over the years. Dre is hands down the best coach that I have ever worked with and I am extremely grateful for her guidance and friendship. If you need a no-BS worth the investment coach, Dre is your girl.”

What's Included

What's Included


On your strengths, audience and market position so you can create an irresistible offer


A sophisticated plan for 4-6 months that you can work easily


A marketing strategy that turns your fans into clients in a way that feels authentic


And implementing systems and processes that help your business scale


Blindspots in your process and resolving them proactively using real strategy


New ideas that you can implement into your business that can fill gaps in the market

But what you'll get is so much more
Business Coaching

Here's How Business Coaching Works

Lifestyle by Lindsay

“As a successful gym owner, Lindsay was looking to move into the online space to scale her business and create more opportunities to serve clients. We began by fundamentally changing her pricing structure to rise at the current market, we added two new offers to her suite to round out the ways to work with her. Using these strategies alone, we were able to build more time and significant income into her business.”

So are you ready to amplify your success and put your biz on a new trajectory?

Then I can't wait to speak with you on a brief, zero pressure call!


A: Of course, we can cover this on the call. I do have a 3-month minimum however.

A: My coaching style is a blend of traditional coaching plus a heavy dose of strategy. That means I'll guide you through making your own decisions FIRST then provide thoughts or guidance second.

A: Great question! Throughout my career I've helped numerous women start, expand and grow their online businesses. I have dozens of REAL testimonials and the receipts to match. I'm an open book, ask away!

A: As with anything, success of coaching is totally dependent on you doing the work and sticking with your goals. If you don't do the work, show up to calls or ask for help, you will not get the outcome you seek.


“Through this process, I have started building a pipeline of clients and systems to support them! Along with that I doubled my income and am making more than what I was making at my 9-5 job! I know the lead-generating activities and systems are sustainable as well which is a huge bonus, again to have the tools for success is a win! This was the best coaching experience I’ve ever had!”

I'm ready to apply Dre!