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Create Massive Visibility and Brand Recognition on Instagram

by leveling up your content so that you can lay the foundations for monetizing and packaging your expertise.

The Elevated Instagram™ is your 6-week, self-paced roadmap to branding yourself online!

Let Me Guess…

You’re trying to do everything right on IG but nothing seems to click?

You’re watching other accounts grow but you aren’t seeing the type of partnerships or interests compared to others.

You’re SO frustrated spending time commenting only and engagement and follower count is still declining.

You feel that the algorithm is against you and makes it’s impossible to get visible?

Posting stresses you out so you feel frozen – it’s just too complicated!

You know you’re spaghetti slinging with your content and aren’t seeing ideal followers engaging nor the community expanding.

So you download every free resource...
attend every webinar and masterclass...
listen to every IG guru's podcast...
read every Gary V. book...
hoping it's the secret to success but STILL nothing works.

Wouldn't it feel amazing to finally:

Build a dedicated front row of fans that will buy anything you create.

Craft a message that people actually care about while reaching more people.

Increase collaborations and visibility to eventually attract brands.

“Ever since working with Dre, I have learned how to attract dream, 4-figure clients, scale my business, introduce new digital products, and make more money than I thought was possible. With Dre’s guidance, I have hit major milestones in my business and secured consecutive $5,000 months – a goal of mine from when we first started working together. Dre has given me the confidence to continue to grow my business and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to get into coaching.”


What's Inside The Course

Learn my Retain and Gain framework to grow an engaged, successful Instagram...

...a framework that I've created after years of refining my strategies... I've put it into a course for people like you!

Just Imagine

An Instagram account that generates:

Massive Clarity

Having crystal clear clarity on your brand so you can cut through the clutter and SHOW UP with purpose


Having an intentional and purposeful IG account that aligns with your passions and message


Cultivating a connected audience of people that ACTUALLY CARE about your message and posts. We buy from and support people who we connect with, don’t we?


Understanding how to generate consistent, on-brand content and have people engage with it willingly. In this day and age engagement = $$$ and growth.

New Relationships

Your DMs and notifications are going off with people that are building relationships with and ultimately want to work with or support you (because of your message and brand).

A Branded Aesthetic

A clear brand aesthetic shown in your feed, so that you become attractive for brand collabs and opportunities

How would this pave the way to your dreams and brand goals?

The Curriculum

Instagram Theory and Psychology

Why do some people burn out on Instagram after a year and others last for a decade? It's because they have a good grasp on the fundamentals and how the human condition WORKS!

You'll Learn:
  • The science of attraction and why some accounts are like magnets but others struggle to grow
  • The theories behind connection and how some people effortlessly build a bond with their audience
  • How to build the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor with your audience
  • How to set yourself up for success on a journey towards future monetization

Brand Foundational Basics

If your brand were a person, let's make em a ROCKSTAR! In this module, we'll uncover and illuminate what makes you, YOU! By defining and refining the traits and skills that make you a total badass, you'll build a foundational brand base with massive clarity and a powerful mission statement.

You'll Learn:
  • Niching down for ultimate brand clarity
  • My step-by-step process for brand self-discovery
  • Define your brand pillars for massive direction and clarity
  • Developing and uncovering your core message
  • Refining your elevator pitch so you can confidently speak about your brand

Instagram Content

The secret to writing copy that connects with your audience? Knowing your ideal audience/client better than they know themselves. What they WANT from you, what they NEED from you and what they DESIRE for themselves. This is the GOLDEN TICKET to building trust and loyalty.

You'll Learn:
  • Your ideal follower avatar
  • Steal my copywriting formulas that make people FINALLY comment
  • Get 30 stealable story prompts to get more DM's than ever!
  • Learn my IG story hacks for staying on brand, and building MASSIVE trust
  • A juicy content strategy that will have your competition trying to hack your Planoly account

Organization and Best Practices

I hear you, you have a life, a job and obligations what won't allow you to be on Instagram all day. No worries, I have dozens of incredible strategies that will have you connecting MORE in LESS time so you can relax.

You'll Learn:
  • Workflows for success that will keep you calm and focused
  • Daily activities for growth and connection that ensure you're on track
  • Apps you need to improve your Elevated Instagram
  • Bad habits to break to pave the way for success

Deep Dive the Data

So now your posting, you're connecting and you're starting to make new connections through your Elevated Instagram. How do you measure your success? What's working and what's not? I have you covered!

You'll Learn:
  • How to read your data so you can learn and optimize your posts and pivot quickly
  • What to do when your posts aren't performing the way you wanted
  • How to track your stats to refine your content strategy
  • How to use Disruptive Content to break out of ruts
  • Instagram rehab 101

The Roadmap to Monetization

Now that you're firing on all cylinders and have an Elevated Instagram™above the rest, what's next? Having a well conceived Instagram can help you pave the way towards monetizing as an influencer or by creating your own products/services. Let's talk about it!

You'll Learn:
  • The pieces you'll need to have ready in order to launch your account to the next level
  • Mapping your plan so you can create a path for your future success
  • How to get your mindset right to take on the challenges of being an Instagram business owner
  • Working through your ideas to identify the best route for you

I’ve been able to unlock a powerful formula for massive clarity and Instagram success and I'm ready to pass this on to you!


A: No, before we dive into monetizing your account and landing dream brand deals we need to make sure that we have a strong foundation that can support your business

A: You will get a Facebook support group that is checked 5x a week by the team, plus monthly office hours.

A: No, this course is best for those that know they need to take a big step back to begin a true roadmap to success and have been experiencing low engagement and slow growth through their own methods.

Go from frustrated, overworked and confused to having message clarity, a branded strategy and a meaningful growth plan to prepare for monetization!

Let's get you a customized PLAN, and a clear STRATEGY!

“Through this process, I have started building a pipeline of clients and systems to support them! Along with that I doubled my income and am making more than what I was making at my 9-5 job! I know the lead-generating activities and systems are sustainable as well which is a huge bonus, again to have the tools for success is a win! This was the best coaching experience I’ve ever had!”

The Elevated Instagram is right for you if

I'm ready to dive in!

Full Payment


Save $$$ by paying in full!  

Plus get these 3 bonuses:

  • IPhone Photography Class
  • Giveaway Strategies to grow your account
  • Styling Your Stories training to make them eye-catching

Payment Plan


2 monthly payments of $250

Need a more flexible payment option?

Invest in 2 installments over the timeline of 2 months.

Plus These Bonuses

A Supportive Facebook Group

Get 5-days a week of support from Dre and her team inside the private Facebook group where you can ask any of your questions!(Valued at $997- Lifetime access)

Lifetime Access

Take as much time as you need to go through the materials! You'll have lifetime access to the course and any updates I make as IG changes (Valued at $1,997)

Webinar Library

Get access to all my past guest webinars and trainings! (on average every training is around 60 minutes)! ( Valued at $800 value)

Office Hours With Dre

Get access to Dre without the price tag during her monthly office hours! Speak live and in person with her! (Valued at $800)

All of this bundled together is worth $4,594, but you have the chance to get this today for $429!

Don't just take my word for it, hear from our Elevated Instagram™ students below:

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